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Jai Jinendra...

      Vishva Jain Prachar Parishad is a non profit organization, Significantly it is a Group of Jains worldwide who intend to propagate the Jain Culture and the Teaching of the Thirthankaras and Help Humanity gain its original status. Vishva Jain Prachar Parishad, Conducts many events and cultural activities which enables the Next generation to be in touch with the fabulous culture and retain the teaching of the Great ones generations after generation. Vishva Jain Prachar Parishad, Intends to help many know the significance of life and bring about the change in the thoughts by erradicating Voilence from one and all and teach the essence of the words "LIVE AND LET LIVE". Formulating Peace in every part of the world by imparting the knowldege and importance of the Non-Violence and love for living being's in every form.

It's the members who make this all Possible. By Joining this Group one supports the cause and help reach millions worldwide.  You can too Join us..... for more information see how to join or  Contact Us. .


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